Race To 1K Subscribers Giveaway – Win MarioKart 7 for 3DS!


The All Taste Explosion turns FIVE this year, and to celebrate, we’re holding bigger contests with even BIGGER prizes than ever before. To start of 2013, we’re racing to 1,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, and we want to sweeten the pot with a special contest. Put your pedal to the metal and enter the “All Taste Explosion Race to a Thousand Subscribers Giveaway!”

We’re giving away a copy of MarioKart 7, the next installment of the classic Mario racing series for the Nintendo 3DS, and we’re giving it away to one of our YouTube subscribers. That is…when we hit 1,000 on our YouTube channel! Once we do, we’ll pick one subscriber at random, and they will receive a copy of MarioKart 7 so they can get behind the wheel and race against friends…and the world!

Here’s how to enter…

1) Go to http://www.youtube.com/alltasteexplosion

2) Click the “Subscribe” button on our channel’s homepage!

3) Go to our Featured Video, “Race to 1K Subscribers – WIN MARIOKART 7” and leave your 3DS Friend Code in a comment and you’re entered!

Remember, the contest keeps going until we hit ONE THOUSAND SUBSCRIBERS! The green light is GO, so get to entering TODAY!