Ohayocon rings in 2016 with weekend of Japanese culture-based fun in Columbus


What happens when you combine the flair of Japanese pop culture, combine it with over 10,000 enthusiastic fans, and pour it into the Greater Columbus Convention Center? The answer to this equation is Ohayocon, the first major Ohio-based convention of the new year, where for one three-day weekend, thousands come out in droves to hang out, have fun and get a much-needed cure for the wintertime blues.

Ohayocon always brings out the best in Ohio’s cosplaying elite and with this year’s theme of science, attendees dressed up as their favorite science fiction characters. Some of this year’s most popular cosplays included title characters from “Rick & Morty” and “Steven Universe,” as well as a slew of Marvel and DC superheroes, considering 2016 will be a big year for both fandoms with the theatrical releases of Marvel’s “Deadpool” and DC’s “Batman vs. Superman” later this summer.

Even if your costume is simple and basic or requires two people to help you into, there’s always the chance that something will tear, break, or come undone on the convention floor. Fortunately, that’s where Jamie Roberty steps in. Walking around carrying several toolboxes and a huge sign saying “Costume Medic,” Jamie comes prepared to help anyone who’s torn a sleeve, broken a heel, or even scratched the paint on their replica blaster get back onto the floor and dazzle in their costume. “I’ve been coming to Ohayocon for about eight years now, so I have been in that position where something breaks or snaps and maybe you don’t have the supplies to fix it, so I thought it would help to be there with the tools they need to help those that it happens to avoid being in that situation.”

Ohayocon also brings in some of the anime industry’s finest workers, including voice actors and directors. This year, the con welcomed for the first time ever voice actress Veronica Taylor, known to millions as the original voice of Ash Ketchum from the iconic “Pokémon” animated series, based on the iconic video game franchise. With Pokémon turning twenty this year, Veronica was excited to be kicking off 2016 by getting to meet and take pictures with the thousands of Ohio-based fans. “Ohayocon is a wonderful show and feels more like a family get-together than a convention. There are so many panels and other opportunities for fans and guests to get to know one another. I really had a terrific time this year!

If you missed this year’s Ohayocon, then there’s time to prepare for the next installment, set to take place the weekend of Jan. 13 in 2017.

Check out our Ohayocon gallery, courtesy of Little Professor Productions.