Daman Mills talks ‘Holy Knight’ and voice acting in his first anime series


In the new anime? series, “Holy Knight,” a boy named Shinta Mizumura learns that he is the sole descendant of an ancient family bloodline of vampire hunters. What makes this series incredible, besides the action and storyline, is the cast of actors that are making their voice-acting debut in this two-part miniseries. On Feb. 19, Dennis sat down with Daman Mills, who plays Shinta Mizumura, to talk about the new series and getting his start in voice acting.

Dennis: Tell us a little bit about getting your start in voice acting.

Daman: I started voice acting back in 2008 and my start was very unconventional and different from a lot of big name actors out there. I just started with mainly doing impressions, typically from Dragon Ball Z, and would post them on YouTube. I didn’t expect anything of it, it was just for fun and a sort of hobby I’d do in my spare time. Quickly I learned that I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of voice acting and not only that, but I was getting good reception from my videos. I then started meeting more and more Internet talent who had the same passion, and eventually I learned and researched more about the voice over field. I branched out, started contacting professional voice actors for advice, crafted demos and reached out to people for work. I learned a lot about networking and all the different steps involved.

Dennis: What is it like getting to voice in your very first animated series?

Daman: Surreal. I never pictured when I first started in this that I’d actually end up where I am in this industry, and this is the first big role I’ve gotten that’s actually caused a buzz on things like social media. Especially when it comes to anime, when I pictured my first part I’d ever maybe get, I thought it’d be some Walla (background sound) recording for a short time, but the male lead? I’m truly humbled.

Dennis: Tell us a little bit about “Holy Knight.”

Daman: “Holy Knight” is essentially a drama and a sort of budding romance between the two main characters. Lilith is a half human half-vampire girl who is trying to entice my character, Shinta Mizumura, into having sex with her so she can bear his child as apart of her destiny. Shinta is extremely reluctant and hesitant, of course, and then events unfold on that premise. But it’s not all romance and feely stuff, there’s comedic relief and action-y goodness that’ll keep you wanting more.

Dennis: Tell us a little bit about your character, Shinta.

Daman: Shinta is a pretty easygoing and good-natured guy, he seems to be a bit absent minded sometimes but I don’t think he’s necessarily stupid, but just a little bit oblivious. With Lilith’s advances he’s super easy to fluster, but it looks like he’s got a good sense of morale and judgment. Really, he just feels like one of us. By that, I mean very relatable teenage boy.

Dennis: What is your favorite thing about Shinta?

Daman: That he’s just got this wonderful kind personality and seems like someone you just want to chill with. He’s so easy going and a bit of an awkward
goof ball, and I feel that so much since I’m a bit of an awkward goofball myself! Dennis: What makes “Holy Knight” a great show that people should check out?

Daman: The characters are just really engaging and quirky, like there are scenes that I (and others) just can’t stop quoting because it’s so funny. The animation is gorgeous, and our cast list is full of a ton of rich talent that it’ll be well worth watching. I’m personally very excited to see the finished result!

Dennis: “Holy Knight” is actually an OVA, and not a traditional anime? series. What is the difference between a traditional anime? series and an OVA? Daman: An OVA is just a part of a story that’s too short to call a full season and usually has a different storyline from the main arc. There’s no real full-length series for this so I guess that’s why they call it an OVA.

Daman: An OVA is just a part of a story that’s too short to call a full season and usually has a different storyline from the main arc. There’s no real full-length series for this so I guess that’s why they call it an OVA.

Dennis: Is there anything you’d like to share with your fans or readers?

Daman: Please visit my website, www.damanmillsvo.com, to check news for my latest roles and credits and convention appearances and all that good stuff. You can also follow me on Twitter (@damanmills,) or you can like my Facebook page, “Daman Mills – Voice Actor”. Heck, even friend me on Facebook if you want!

You can catch Daman as Shinta in “Holy Knight” when it premieres on Crunchyroll on Monday, Feb. 23.