About The Hosts

About the All Taste Explosion

The All Taste Explosion (commonly referred to as the ATE) was established in 2008. It’s purpose; to be a one stop source for everything happening in the worlds of animé, wrestling, and pop culture. In 2009, The Dennis Daniel Show, an episodic talk show came into play and took the show from the world of idle chit chat, to the realm of late night talk shows.

Dennis Daniel (known as the Boogaloo Shrimp), is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Class of 2010. He has a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Electronic Media. Dennis is described as a high spirited individual who aims big and works hard to achieve his dreams. Dennis has worked hard to establish his position as one of internet radio’s rising stars, and as many of his guests will say, is the future of radio.

BearcastRadio.com Innovator Award (2009)
BearcastRadio.com Lifetime Achievement Award (2011)


John Daniel (known as John Pokémon), is Dennis’ brother and a natural born celebrity in his own mind. He is currently attending the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor in Criminal Justice and a Minor in History. While he does not have the same attitudes as his brother, John brings a real life view to the All Taste Explosion and assumes his role as the “band leader” of The Dennis Daniel Show Band. Dennis brought John into the mix in 2010, and since then, has established his position as Dennis’ right hand man. John lives his life by one creedo, “Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave”