Looking for affordable advertising that gets results? Let the All Taste Explosion be host for your advertising. With plans in both for podcast, on-air, and off-air advertising, we offer even the most frugal advertiser effective advertising at an affordable rate. With over 5,000 listeners a month, the All Taste Explosion is a great way to advertising your product without having to break the bank.

On-air Advertising (read by hosts): $10/episode (4 per month)
On-air Advertising (provided promo): $5/episode (4 per month)
Podcast Promo (provided promo) $10/episode (4 per month)
Podcast Promo (spoken promo) $20/episode (4 per month)
Off-air Advertising (provided link for 30 days): $30/month on top; $15/month anywhere else on page


1 On-air Advertising (spoken) x 4 Episodes
1 Off-air Advertising (Provided Link on top of page) x 30 days
1 Podcast Advertising (spoken) x 4 Episodes

$60/month (4 weeks) (Save $40)

We take payment through our paypal account. Information will be recieved upon agreement. Fill in name, email, and contact info with preferred plan.

All income goes to maintaining website, convention travels, and server services.

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