Episodes 70-79

You can now listen to full episodes of both the All Taste Explosion & The Dennis Daniel Show. You can also click the names of the interviews to get a more detailed explanation on what happens in that particular episode.

Episode 79: Interview with Tiffany Grant, or “Speaking German with Asuka Langley Soryu”Download MP3
Episode 78: Interview with Brentalfloss, or “What If This Podcast Had Lyrics?”Download MP3
Episode 77: Interview with Erica Schroeder, or “Every Black Rose Has Its’ Thorn”

Download MP3
Episode 76: Interview with James J. Dillon, or “The Legend of The Four Horsemen”Download MP3
Episode 75: Interview with Eric Vale, or “The United States of Awesome!”Download MP3
Episode 74: Interview with Sarah Natochenny, or “An Ash of a Different Color!”Download MP3
Episode 73: Interview with Janet Varney, or “Dennis Gets Elemental with Korra!”Download MP3
Episode 72: Interview with Eileen Stevens, to “A Hairy Situation with Iris”Download MP3
Episode 71: Interview with Derpy Hooves, or “A Derpy Affair to Remember”Download MP3
Episode 70: Interview with Cathy Weseluck, or “Dennis Gets Shampooed & Spiked!”Download MP3