Brony of the Week

Every week, we look to show the world the Brony among Bronies. The MLP fan that stands above the rest. We look to find the “Brony of the Week!” If you want to be considered for the Brony of the Week, tweet us a 30 second video to @atexplosion with the hashtag #BronyOfTheWeek by Sunday night at 9PM EST, explaining why you are the biggest Brony out there, and we might feature you as the Brony of the Week for that week.

Previous BOTWs

5/7/12 – Cole Daigneaut
5/14/12 – KCCKirby
5/21/12 – Derpy Hooves
5/28/12 – LittleShyFIM
6/4/12 –  UPSLynx