Road To Otakon

Welcome to the “Road to Otakon!” This page is dedicated to keeping you up to date on all the guests, panels, and events that are going on at Otakon 2012, which takes place July 27-29, in Baltimore, MD at the Baltimore Convention Center. More details can be found on the OFFICIAL Otakon Homepage.

Be sure to say tuned to the All Taste Explosion as we bring you the very latest on what is going on at the Kon!

5/31/12 – Gashicon to Appear At Otakon

6/7/12 – Aya Hirano to Rock Otakon Sunday

6/9/12 – Kakihara & Sinterniklaas Heading to Otakon 2012!

6/20/12 – Christine Marie Cabanos to Otakon!

6/21/12 – Lauren Landa to Otakon!

6/22/12 – Sarah Williams to Otakon

6/26/12 – Ai Nonoka & Gen Urobuchi!

7/9/12 – Brina Palencia to Otakon 2012

7/16/12 – J. Michael Tatum Appears