Episodes 30-39

You can now listen to full episodes of both the All Taste Explosion & The Dennis Daniel Show.

Episode 39: All Taste Explosion’s Hanky Panky Hullabaloo 3: The Lovening Download MP3
Episode 38: Interview with Richard Epcar, or “Dennis Daniel Gets Jigen with It!”Download MP3
Episode 37: All Taste Explosion’s Super Bowl Spectacular!Download MP3
Episode 36: All Taste Explosion’s Royal Rumble RundownDownload MP3
Episode 35: Interview with Kofi Kingston, or “Dennis & John Encounter Trouble in Paradise” Download MP3
Episode 34: That’s What Shrimp Said.Download MP3
Episode 33: Interview with Rebecca Forstadt, or “Lynn Minmay: One Night Only!”Download MP3
Episode 32: All Taste Explosion Season 11 Premiere-O-Rama of Eyyyy! Download MP3
Episode 31: Interview with Henry Winkler, or “Dennis Meets The Fonz!” Download MP3
Episode 30: Interview with Crispin Freeman, or “What Would Alucard Do for a Klondike Bar?” Download MP3