Episode 1-9

You can now listen to full episodes of both the All Taste Explosion & The Dennis Daniel Show.

Episode 09: Interview with Martin Billany, or “Super Special Awesome Time with LittleKuriboh“We welcome “LittleKuriboh” Martin BillanyDownload MP3
Episode 08: The Shrimp Gets Ready To (Royal) Rumble! (1/28/10)Dennis & John look forward to the 2010 Royal Rumble match.Download MP3
Episode 07: Once Bitten, Twice Shrimped! (1/21/10)The war with Seto Kaiba BEGINS!!!Download MP3
Episode 06: Of Course Kaiba Realizes Shrimp Means WAR! (1/14/10)Dennis announces his official feud with Kaiba!Download MP3
Episode 05: Interview with Eric Stuart, or “Dennis Daniel vs. Seto Kaiba: The Face Off” (1/7/10)Dennis interviews voice actor Eric Stuart.Download MP3
Episode 04: Turkey in the Shrimp (11/20/09)Dennis gives a quick update on Thanksgiving, and a special guest coming to the Dennis Daniel Show.Download MP3
Episode 03: Eggo Shortage, A Cast For Shrimp, & A Hint of Arrogance (11/13/09)We dig deep into the Eggo Waffle Shortage Crisis.Download MP3
Episode 02: Onions, Team Rocket, and Swine Flu, Oh My! (11/6/09)It’s Sad Onions and Swine Flu!Download MP3
Episode 01: Interview with Pat Fraley, or “Krang-king Up The Volume” (10/29/09)The debut of “The Dennis Daniel Show” with special guest Pat FraleyDownload MP3